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kate midlleton wedding dress

When Queen Victoria chose it for her white wedding dress in 1840 - and remains - the quintessential color of western bridal jewelry.

Although the dress Kate Middleton with Prince William Friday married in Westminster Abbey may not be to create long, wake up, it will be the most talk about aspects of their wedding day and is almost certainly leave a mark on wedding dresses.

"Every time someone gets married in a royalty-free, certainly have an impact of fashion," said Sandra Gonzales Gonzales of Bridal Boutique in Lodi.

In Stockton's Bliss Bridal Salon, Tammie Dimas agreed.

"I definitely think so," she said. "Actually, you can see a lot of interest Chelsea Clinton.

The former first daughter, whose wedding was in August, wearing a dress of silk organza strapless Vera Wang designed and decorated with sparkling wings.

"They are not asking for" costume Chelsea Clinton, but they are at waist Pearl look interested, and this is where he came from, "said Dimas.

From Middleton and Prince William gave his commitment in November, which look like speculation about their dress and who will have a swirled design. Until we know for sure, here are some ideas three San Joaquin County wedding experts.
kate midlleton wedding dress

kate midlleton wedding dress

kate midlleton wedding dress

kate midlleton wedding dress

kate midlleton wedding dress

kate midlleton wedding dress

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Gonzalez Bridal Boutique Lodi

Concept: contemporary fairy tales. said: "She is a very modern man," store owner Sandra Gonzales. "But she has to go to the heritage."

Dress: Gonzales chose two, both by the designer Robin Jillian. The ceremony, in a more conservative dress Taft with a deck of decline, embroidered lace and Swarovski crystal detailing for some luster. "This is not to be ostentatious," said Gonzales. "I think they are strictly limited in time." Dress has the same silhouette collection - with a corset with a skirt, low waist - but the strapless neckline with embroidery, baby, and all silver.

Why it works: Both dresses are decorations on the hips, which Gonzales said birds like hats and headgear Middleton often wears. "Every bride should always be a part of their personality in the clothes," she said.

Bliss Bridal Salon, Stockton

The concept of a piece of the statement. "Not everyone can wear this dress," owner Tammie Dimas. "It has a strong personality and she definitely knows that"

Dress: a strapless gown with mermaid silhouette with Justin Alexander. The dress is the silhouette, knee height, where it explodes in a dramatic, floor length skirt with tulle and decorated with silk flowers.

Why it works: "When I think about it, I can not help but think her clothes on the day he fell in love with her," said Dimas. Dimas was the same slip Middleton in 2002 charity fashion show at St Andrews University, where she and Prince William were pupils wore concerned. Dress in the last auction sold more than $ 125,000. "This is a very modern look."

J & K Creations, Stockton

Concept: discreet luxury. said: "There is nothing exaggerated," Jennifer Gomez. Her mother is the owner of the Miracle Mile Shops and Gomez said she was asked by a number of formal wear. "It's simple and elegant."

Dress: traditional satin dress with a train-line cathedral length from Casablanca Bridal features hand beading at the neckline and waist. Chevron beads in a pattern repeated throughout the skirt.

Why it works: "I like to rope," said Gomez. "It catches the light. It is not too much, but it will look like a princess.

Contact reporter Jennifer Torres at (209) 546-8252 or Visit his blog at / parentingblog.

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